The Chinese music, the way you know it, ranges from the traditional instruments accompanied by high-pitched vocals to the imitation of western rock culture. In contrast, by blending ancient China, central Asia, religious music, experimental songs and contemporary rock, DaWangGang reaches a perfect equilibrium between wild and spiritual.

DaWangGang is a music and performance group created by Song Yuzhe, an eclectic and self-taught musician from North-East China. For a period stretching over almost ten years, Song Yuzhe spent time traveling in remote parts of China, learning from musicians of different ethnic origins and a wide array of social backgrounds. His experience was transfered in this marvelous five piece band.

2013 brings the debut album  of DaWangGang called ‘Huang qiang zou ban’ or ‘Wild Tune Stray Rhythm’. read more…

Listen to the first single “Four ways” of the upcoming album:
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