In August number 6 of the World Music Charts Europe:
 DaWangGang with the new CD Huang Qiang Zou Ban (wild Tune Stray Rhythm). DaWangGang will get a major music award in this month … more is not revealed at this point.

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“Musician Song Yuzhe, founder of Dawanggang, created this art project to focus upon songs and rhythms from western and China and central Asia. The title is a term used in Chinese opera to describe music which is slightly out of tune and out of rhythm. Dark, dramatic and meandering.” WMCE – MG/26.05.2013

Avantgarde Singer-Songwriter from China – an archaic trip through Asian soundscapes
Philosophical stories and poems about animals, children or wizards, embedded in musical textures from guitar, horse-head-fiddle, ghijek, throat-singing, jaw harp, drums, percussion and samples, combined and played in ever-new variations. A trip through Chinese and central-Asian folklore, experimental and nature-adapted soundscapes, archaic sound of wideness, rhythmic trance, expressive-energetic emotions and stories full of fantasy, wisdom and depth.
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