We have reduced the prices of the most important JARO CDs. For the following CDs are reduced prices:

Hazmat Modine – Bahamut – (JARO 4283-2) – 13,00 Euro
The idea is to mix the roots of American music with the various forms of world music to create an unusual otherworldly sound. The result is unique!

Hazmat Modine – Cicada – (JARO 4292-2) – 14,00 Euro
Cicada is a feast of textures, atmospheres, hues and dynamics from an American music group with a planet’s worth of sounds at their fingertips.

Sarband & Fadia El-Hage with Modern String Quartet – The Arabian Passion According to J.S. Bach – (JARO 4294-2) – 14,00 Euro
Nobody ever has pictured human suffering, represented by Jesus Christ, as impressively and as fervently as J. S. Bach in his Passions. An Arab-European cast of musicians and masters of European jazz transforms sound icons of classical music into a present-day statement on humanity. In a world marked by differences, this musical collaboration creates an intense and contemplative space for peace and respect.

OqueStrada – Tasca Beat – (JARO 4295-2) – 13,00 Euro
OqueStrada’s debut CD aptly titled Tasca beat – o sonho portugués (Tascas are akin to the tapas bars of Madrid, a watering hole where one can get food and chat with friends and family) is one of those CDs that you can play from one end to the other, without skipping a song.

Jasper van’t Hof’s Pili Pili – Ukuba Noma Unkungabi – (JARO 4297-2) – 14,00 Euro
In those twenty years, Pili Pili was a concept with African music and African musicians where the African aspect was the point of departure. Now Jasper van’t Hof wanted to turn that around.

Aquabella – Nordlichter – Klanggewordene Sagen – (JARO 4306-2) – 14,00 Euro
In search of new stories for their Winter concert program, the women’s vocal quartet known as Aquabella discovered the Northern Lights. Here they have set timeless Icelandic myths to music, with their own original texts in German. True to their World Music concept, they also sing pieces from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Latvia in their original languages.

Red Baraat – Chaal Baby – (JARO 4307-2) – 14,00 Euro
The group’s most recent release, Chaal Baby is the band’s first studio album, for the European release there were added incredibly powerful two songs from a live show captured at Brooklyn’s Southpaw on the band’s second anniversary.

Warsaw Village Band  – Nord – (JARO 4308-2) – 14,00 Euro
For this CD the band was awarded for the prize of German Record Critics.
Nord is a meeting of musicians in search of common elements between the Slavs, the Scandinavians and the aboriginal peoples of the North. 

Red Baraat – Shruggy Ji – (JARO 4311-2) – 14,00 Euro
On record, the band’s merging of North Indian rhythms and New Orleans brass, go-go, and jazz, finds unexpected nuance – a testimony to the incredible individual artistry or the band’s 9 members and to the quality of the material.

DaWangGang – Huang Qiang Zou Ban (Wild Tune Stray Rhythm) – (JARO 4312-2) – 14,00 Euro
The CD was awarded the Prize of the German Record Critics.

The expression Wild Tune Stray Rhythm comes from the Chinese Opera and refers to music which is slightly out of tune and rhythm. The series includes “Three Dakinis are Discussing”, and “Ashik Castle” (instrumental). These are musical projects inspired from songs and rhythms from Western China and Central Asia, using opera structures with folk songs and the musician’s own compositions and adaptations.

Pili Pili – Best of … – (JARO 4223-2) – 7,00 Euro
Best of … is a CD full of punchy PILI PILI hits – including the world hit “Pili Pili” which gave the group its name. 

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