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“The ozone hole , Chernobyl and Fukushima , the Christmas 2004 tsunami, full tracts of land in the Indian Ocean to the ground , Hurricane Katrina , large parts of the city of New Orleans flooded , the flood in our latitudes, and now the typhoon in the Philippines – it is clear that our behavior is destroying our planet. We plunder the riches of the earth , we are destroying the oceans , although not even all parts of this fascinating , vital for the planet world are explored. The climate is going crazy . And – we humans make it easy on and on. Energy transition ? Too expensive ! Nuclear power? Madness ! City Nature Runs Down!

JARO and I try to put a “small drop in the ocean” by supporting the Typhoon victims from Philippines by adding “CITY NATURE RUNS DOWN” from “aspects” album as a charity song. We invite you to listen this wonderful music and send your money there where it is currently needed!


Charles Petershon