Dear Customer!
Firstly, we would like to wish all JARO customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This Christmas holidays will be more special because we have prepared new CDs and projects: “Symphonie Taraab” and “American Songbirds” Compilation and project.
We also prepared special autographed CDs from our talented multi-instrumentalist Rachelle Garniez and from our beloved New Orleans band, Red Baraat.
Lastly, for the Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE fans, we would also like to inform you about the upcoming Christmas concerts.

Picture 2American Songbirds – JARO 4318-2

Price:13,oo  Euro + Delivery

“American Songbirds” Compilation offers listeners the chance to discover four wonderful new singer-song-writers. Each of them have their own distinctive styles, and accompany themselves on diverse instruments (cello, accordion, piano, claviola, and guitar). Discover our four songbirds: Ashia & Bison Rouge from Portland, Rachelle Garniez from New York, Kyrie Kristmanson from Ottawa, and Stephanie Nilles from New Orleans. More info here

Picture 3“Symphonic Taraab” – The Norwegian Radio Orchestra with Maryam Said Hamdun, Mohammed Issa “Matona” Haji & Rajab Suleiman – JARO 4316-2

Price: 16,00 Euro + Delivery

An inspired and enthusiastic symphony orchestra with specially written arrangements entering into the world of Zanzibari taraab, and three Zanzibari artists, Mohammed Issa ‘Matona ‘Haji, Rejab Suleiman and Maryam Said Hamdun feeling the unique power of a symphony orchestra behind them, making their native music soar, flying more sails than ever. More info here

Picture 4Ashia & The Bison Rouge – “Diesel vs. Lungs” – JARO 4314-2

Price: 18,00 Euro + Delivery

Ashia’s ideas and voice, ethereal and demanding at once, are pop/rock, yet the sounds are at times classical and folk, being on the cello. Her style as described by the Portland Monthly: “[…] one can’t help but hear a collage of influences. Grzesik can certainly give Joanna Newsom a run for her whimsy, she possesses the old-world charm and quirky dramatics of Regina Spector and her voice vacillates between the throaty alto of Amanda Palmer and the ethereal soprano of Maria Callas. Simply put, she’s got a little bit of everything.” ( Good Times ). More info here

Signed  CDs

The first 20 buyers will receive a signed CD!

Picture 5Rachelle Garniez – “Greetings from Dreamsville” – JARO 4315-2

Price: 18,00 Euro + Delivery

New York-born Rachelle Garniez is described as “another kind of Diva”, and as a “certified free spirit” by Billboard Magazine and The New Yorker magazine. Her voice has been compared to no less than a Tom Waits female by keen eared listeners. Through the years, she played with a wide variety of bands and styles: Rock, Blues, Country, Latin, Klezmer, Jazz and Tin-Pan-Alley classics. More info here

The first 15 buyers will receive a signed CD!
Picture 6

Red Baraat – “Shruggy Ji” – JARO 4311-2

Price: 14,00 Euro + Delivery

Red Baraat’s Shruggy Ji fulfills the promise of the Brooklyn bhangra band’s incredible live shows. On record, the band’s merging of North Indian rhythms and New Orleans brass, go-go, and jazz, finds unexpected nuance. Red Baraat have created a finely tuned second album entirely unique in its vision and execution. More info here

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Picture 9

The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE – Angels’ Christmas – Tour & CD (JARO 4252-2)

In the play of timbres and sound colours, in the singers’ specific voices the listener will be able to reveal the secret of the irresistible beauty of musical art. Listen to a Christmas fairy tale as told by the most famous Bulgarian choir on Angels’ Christmas! More info here

The Bulgarian Voices Tour Dates:
12.12.2013 – A- Vienna – Porgy & Bess
14.12.2013 – D – Dresden – Dreikönigskirche
16.12.2013 – UK – London – BBC3 Session
17.12.2013 – UK – Liverpool – St. George´s Hall
18.12.2013 – UK – Gateshead – The Sage
20.12.2013 – D – Worpswede – Music Hall Worpswede e. V.
22.12.2013 – D – Stuttgart – Theaterhaus

For you, we have reduced the prices at the most beloved JARO CDs. More info here

We appreciate your order, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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Delivery between the years:
The last order for Christmas delivery is on Monday 23th December 2013. Orders placed until 3:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day or can be picked up in person from our Bremen office. Also on 30.12. we will be at your service and will take orders. Starting 2nd January 2014 we will be in our office just for you.