This year Georgia’s all hopes in winning the ESC (Eurovison Song Context) are in the famous band “kown for their sophisticated fusion of styles” The Shin and the jazz singer Mariko Ebralidze. The broadcaster GPB had the world musicians and the jazz singer officialy nominated for the singing competition in Copenhagen.

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Professional Wold Music Singers – The Shin 

The Shin formed in 1998 in Germany, where Zaza Miminoshvili and Zurab Gagnidze have been living since 1994. Mamuka Gaganidze joined the band in 2002. In their native Georgia these musicians are acclaimed among the country’s most elite composers and musicians.
In Georgian, ‘shin’ means coming home. Although each of us has our own home and our own road home, The Shin’s music has the amazing ability to lead everyone ”home,” no matter how far it may be.
Members of The Shin have composed original works for productions at the Tbilisi State Theatre and for film, television and radio programs in their native Georgia and around the world.

 Mariko – Jazz singer with a lot of enery

Mariko Ebralidze is known in Georgia, especially through her jazz songs . The singer was born in 1984 and had a musical education. In their home country Mariko is not only known, he is also highly appreciated as a jazz singer. “Mariko Ebralidze is a popular and respected jazz artist and has won numerous awards. Since 2008, Ebralidze has been a soloist at the Tbilisi Municipality orchestra Big Band. She cooperates with different jazz bands and gives concerts at Tbilisi clubs.”

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