Now you can order Hazmat Modine – EXTRA-DELUXE-SUPREME on vinyl – 180 Gram Audiophile

Hazmat Modine will be presenting music from their much anticipated magnum opus, ostensibly entitled Extra-Deluxe-Supreme. The songs present allegories of triumph and tragedy. Musically, the inspiration is drawn from Memphis and Rock Steady- garnished with the sounds of Egyptian Afro-Pop, American roots and Tuvan Soul. Set to simmer, it’s blended and distilled into a distinctive Hazmatian stew.

The new recording Extra-Deluxe-Supreme puts an emphasis on tight vocal harmonies that ring with Gospel overtones. The arrangements are crisp and elaborate in a style that can only be referred to as Baroque Blues.

Order now Hazmat Modine – EXTRA-DELUXE-SUPREME on vinyl!

Hazmat Modine - Extra-Deluxe-Supreme Vinyl          Hazmat Modine - Extreme-Deluxe-Supreme Vinyl