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The luxary CD-box set is back to the shops. After 5 years another small edition of this fabolous box set is manufactured again. You should not miss this music. The set includes a 60pages book with plenty of infos.

For forty years, the author and journalist Joachim-Ernst Berendt has been one of the most well-known and influential writers on music in Germany, the foremost authority when it comes to music which ventures into unknown artistic territory. Berendt has assembled a unique collection of choral music from all over the world – CHÖRE DER WELT / CHOIRS OF THE WORLD: Stimmen! Stimmen! – Der riesige Ruf / Voices! Voices! – The Mighty Call. The “greatest, mightiest human sound” is traced from the Amen of Handel’s Messiah to the Om of the Tibetan monks, from New Jersey gospel to Mozart’s Dies Irae, from Iceland to the Congo. Its diversity renders this record a virtual reference work for choral music. What is more, pieces from widely different cultures and traditions complement one another to a degree so perfect that it seems like magic. The album is a must for every admirer of choir music and the world´s best collection of choir music.

You can order the book at the JARO online shop:

Stimmen! Stimmen!