Only in a limited edition of 1000 pieces!

The new Bulgarian Voices Angelite CD BOX

appears only in a limited edition of 1000 pieces!

The jubilee box will be released by JARO at the end of 2017 under the title “Passion, Mysticism & Delight”. A detailed booklet (60 pages) shows the history of the choir

Two CDs  will show a selection from the work of the choir from 1987 until today. 30 years with countless concerts and many CD recordings offer a diversity as no other choir from the Balkans can show. Through the outstanding work of the conductor Georgi Petkov numerous projects and collaborations have been realized.

CD 1 – Tracklist „ Passion, Mysticism & Delight“ JARO 4341-2

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite

1. Oi Maro (trad.) / Cathedral Concert 2:23

2. Zamraknala tanka Jana ( trad.) / Mysteres 3:38

3. Bulgarian Pastorale (Georgi Petkov) / Balkan Passions 2:19

4. Pilentze Pee (Krassimir Kyurckchisyski) / Melody Rhythm & Harmony 3:48

5. Blagosloven isi, Gospodi (Peter I Tschaikowsky) / Mercy for the Living 5:13

6. Mechmetio (Ivan Spasov) / Melody Rhythm & Harmony 5:15

7. Galabi Gukat / Pigeons Coo (trad) / Cathedral Concert 3:09

8. Tebe Poem (Dobre Hristov) / Mercy for the Living 3:38

9. Kalimanko Denko (Krassimir Kyurckchisyski) Melody Rhythm & Harmony 4:56

10. Polegnala e Toudoro (Philip Koutev) / Melody Rhythm & Harmony 4:53

11. Hiroshima ( Alexander Tonev) * Live Kobe)Xebec Hall 7:58

12. Kaval Sviri / Live Kobe Xebec Hall 3:02

13. Damba (trad. Arranged by Georgi Petkov) 2:12

….and the second CD contains rare recordings of the choir with international guests. A few plays were performed only once, as the recording with the Nürnberg Symphonic Orchestra. A gem ! When you listen to the music you discover the timelessness. Coming from the tradition of Bulgaria, this choir music has developed into art music, also thanks to contemporary composers such as Ivan Spassov.

CD 2 – Tracklist „ Passion, Mysticism & Delight“ JARO 4341-2

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite with international guests

1. Tapan Bie ( Zdravko Manolov) 3:16 with Bobby Mc Ferrin (Live recording)

Summer Night Music 2002 – Spirits of Music Open air at the Marktplatz Leipzig, Germany

With kind permission of Bobby Mc Ferrin

Recorded live at the Market Square Leipzig, June 15, 2002

Sound Recording & Mix: Mertens Audio Engineering, Toine Mertens, Georg Obermayer, Martin Hertel, Joachim Müller, Stephan Kröhn Audio Producer: Alfred Benz

Produced by Paul Smaczny

A production of EuroArts Music International GmbH in co-production with ZDF, supported by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM). © 2002 EuroArts Music International GmbH

2. Leptirova Igra / Butterfly’s dance with Bojan Ristic Brass Band 4.22

Recorded in Athens 27.9.2004 „Sound of the Balkans“

(Live recording), licensed from Bojan Ristic

3. Kyrie Eleson ( E. Morente , arrangements: Giorgi Krassimirov) 7:20

with Enrique Morente from a live recording in Spain 1990

With kind permission of the Morente family

4.. Full Score in „C“ (music – Alexander Yossifov) 9:06

with Nürnberger Symphoniker Dirigent Jac van Stehen

25th May 2002 performed in Nurnberg – Mastersinger Halle

In Lizenz der BRmedia Service GmbH , Kooperation mit BR Klassik

C Bayerischer Rundfunk

5. Fly, fly My Sadness (Trad. arrangement Mikhail Alperin, Solo Sonja Iovkova) 10:24

with Moscow Art Trio & HUUN-HUUR-TU, taken from the „ Fly,fly my sadness“ 1996

6. Utopia ( Eddie Jobson) 3:34

with Eddie Jobson, taken from teh CD „ Voices of Life“ , 2000

Licensed from Globe Music Media Arts, USA

7. Maria dos olhos lindos ( Miguel Ramos, arrangement Georgi Petkox) 5:23

with Dona Rosa. Taken from the CD Dona Rosa „ Historias da Rua“, 2000

8. Dilele (trad. Romanian, arr Adrian Sical, choir Georgi Petkov) 3:59

with Fanfare Ciorcalia, taken from the CD „Balkan Passions“, JARO 2001

9. Devoiko, Devoiko 2:30

with Sarband, 1992 ( From the CD „Mystèries „, JARO Medien,1991)

10. Sasedi ( music/turkish text Sezne Aksu, arrangement Petar Lyondev) 4:10

with Sezen Aksu, 2002, taken from the CD „Balkan Passions“, JARO 2001

11. Ogreiala mesechina / The moon is shining (V. Ivanoff) 2:20

with Sarband, 1992 ( From the CD „Mystèries“ , JARO Medien,1991)

12. Tapan Bie ( Zdravko Manolov) (Live recording) 2:09

with Grzech Piotrowski World Orchestra Licensed from Festival Solidarity of Arts, Gdansk 2011

13. Pipppero 4:21

with Elio de la Storie Tesse

1992 Hukapan records taken from the CD „From Bulgaria with Love“, JARO , 1992