2017 was an event and succesfull  year for us, and we were able to celebrate anniversaries with two artists.
30 years THE BULGARIAN VOICES ANGELITE and 70th birthday of JASPER VAN’t HOF.
We have also released high-quality albums that are more than just music. The accompanying books give an insight into the
creativity of the artists, evoke memories. We also want to continue such projects in 2018 and look forward to our first release of the new year DAGADANA. We have been following this Polish, Ukrainian ensemble for five years and now we have decided to release their fourth CD. Here, too, we attach great importance to a high-quality booklet. DagaDana pursue a folkloric tradition on one side, but on the other hand embody a young, interested and modern music generation.
Furthermore, the tension is already big on the new studio album of HAZMAT MODINE “Box of Breath”. as well as the new CD with Huun Huur Tu “Children of the Otter.
In 2018 the second book project after Lisboa “Past & Present” with New York “Past & Present” will be released, a journey through time from 1928 to today!
We have many ideas and hope to be able to implement them all. We will set up a crowdfunding page at JAROs website to make this possible. In times when there is the focus always on economical values, culture and education are unfortunately too short!
Finally, the short note that we are particularly pleased to be able to host the tour for Pussy Riot from Russia. It is now more than important that the fingers are put on the wounds, the political resistance can not be suppressed (We have just heard that activist Masha Aljekhina was once again arrested today because of her protest against Putin), which is why PUSSY RIOT’s performance are more than important in these days and we want to support this! See you at one of the shows  2018