We mourn Misha Alperin, the pianist of the Moscow Art Trio. He died on Friday May 11th  at the age of 61 years in Oslo. A coincidence and common ideas brought us together in 1995. Since then we have released 12 productions in which he has been involved. A person full of humour with whom we laughed a lot, who always knew which way he wanted to go and who published wonderful productions. Misha will live on through his music and his project with the BULGARIAN VOICE ANGELITE and HUUN HUUR TU ” Fly, Fly My Sadness and Mountain Tale are the most beautiful things we have ever released in over 30 years. Thank you for the beautiful music!

Hazmat Modine

After a successful crowdfunding campaign for the new album “Box of Breath” the band rehearses in New York to present the songs live on their European tour in 2018. The CD/Vinyl won’t be ready for the tour and can only get the final mix done in July. Unfortunately there was not enough time to finish the work on “Box of Breath”. First we release a maxi with 3 songs. You have the possibility to preview the title “Dark River” here on the JARO start page. On the concert tour you will be able to preorder the new CD