The multi-media tour “Ein Abend in New York” with Rachelle Garniez, Erik Della Penna and Ulrich Balss was a hugh success so that JARO decided to release a music out of that program. This CD is ready and available for promotion and sales at the Jaro Medien Online shop. It is a wonderful CD. Erik Della Penna :

»The recording. It sounds old fashion, which is good and appropriate to the project. It’s rough and raw, which is also good. It’s very simple and intimate. It’s important to remember that it’s only the two of us.«

February 2020 will bring another 14 shows with this program around the book New York “Past & Present”

The announced tour Jasper van t Hof B.E. Trio has to be moved to 2020 and in the next weeks he is playing a couple of shows with his new trio.

“Terra Incognita – Tuva” this will be the third book in the series “Past & Present” by author Ulrich Balß. It is about Tuva the home district of Huun Huur Tu. There had been so many requests from all over the world to know more about the music, Shamans, nomads and this photo-book will bring all this infos with around 150 brand-new and historical foots from Tuva.

Release fall 2020. 

Take notice as well to the monthly playlist from Jaro Medien on Spotify, you find a link on our start page. It will show you interesting music from all genres and beside music from the JARO catalogue a lot of other things are to discover or recommend.