We will release two new CDs by long-time JARO artists – WARSAW VILLAGE BAND and HUUN-HUUR-TU.

The second photo book in the series “Past & Present” about New York. This book is particularly close to our heart, as it also contains a part of the family history of JARO boss Ulrich Balß. A documentary from New York in 1928, when his grandfather was there as a photographer and bookbinder. A gem, unique and varied in its composition.

Unfortunately we have to put all Hazmat Modine fans off until SPRING 2019. “Box of Breath”, the new CD of the New York ensemble is unfortunately delayed for private reasons. The CD is recorded, but the mix cannot be finished until the end of the year.

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite have played fantastic concerts in November in Germany and they will record their new concert program in November for a new CD.

In January 2019, JARO Medien will start another tour for Russian protest collective PUSSY RIOT across Europe.