There are no bombastic revelations, no fireworks, contained herein, just the odd intimacy and immediacy for which Della Penna is known. On New York Songs, which he released following the “Evening In New York” tour with Rachelle Garniez, Della Penna plays the role of tour guide, stressing less the historical implications of his once- and future-antique-garde cohorts and more the nuances and shadows of the Big Apple. Yeah, there’s been no shortage of musicians offering their interpretations of North America’s de-facto cultural capital – obligatory Sinatra plug of “New York, New York” here – but Della Penna stakes his own claim to ownership. Though this is heavy on the archival stuff, it’s still pretty enlightening – and worth the download for the new songs alone

Music-Tap 17th Dec 2019

Here an interpretation by Rachelle Garniez – accordion and Thorsten Jüttner – guitar