No 1  The Bulgarian Voices Angelite & Huun Huur Tu & Moscow Art Trio   “LEGEND”
No 2  Sarband  “Arabische Passion”
No 3  Hazmat Modine “Bahamut”
No 4  Huun-Huur-Tu   “More Live”
No 5  Piirpauke “Live in der Balver Höhle”
No 6  The Bulgarian Voices Angelite “ A Cathedral Concert”
No 7  Luis Di  Matteo “Del Nuevo Ciclo”
No 8  Johannes Cernota “Plays Erik Satie”
No 9  Joachim Ernst Berendt  “Stimmen! Stimmen! Der große Ruf  
N0 10 Warsaw Village Band  “Infinity”

JARO Medien has been producing CDs and vinyl for more than 35 years. We, like the whole world, must now overcome the most serious crisis. We hope that you are all well.  The stationary trade has collapsed, so we would like to take this opportunity to present our 10 most beautiful recordings to you. The choice was difficult and is subjective, there are CDs from the early phase of JARO in the list, but also current ones. Perhaps you will discover some great, unknown  musicians and pieces of music. Usually you also have the possibility to listen to the CDs at Spotify. But we would be happy if you continue to buy music and listen to it before We are dependent on recommendations for everything. Thanks a lot!