Listen to the Top 10 Songlist of Jaro, the songs on this wonderful collection on Spotify are:

Round Midnight from Toshinori Kondo – Jazzy World

Marabout and Pili Pili from Jasper van’t Hof’s Pili Pili – Post Scriptum

The Tide from Hazmat Modine – Cicada

Swedish reggae from Piirpauke – Live in der Balver Höhle

Ocala Te Vera from Oquestrada – Tasca Beat

Devoiko, Devoiko and Kyrie Eleson from The Bulgarian Voices Angelite – Passion, Mysticism & Delight

Orovela from Hamlet Gonashvili – Hamlet Gonashvili

Wonder Wheel from Rachelle Garniez and Erik Della Penna – An Evening in New York.