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Ancesters Call

Huun Huur Tu – Ancesters Call Re-Remastered

Fields of Gold

Johannes Cernota spielt Sting „Fields of Gold“


Willy Schwarz sings „Quarantine“

Babylon – Neue Single aus dem kommenden Album

Erik Della Penna

Levo A Guitarra

David Lisboa – Digital Release am 19.03.2021

Greensleeves for Cello & Piano

Fabian Boreck & Johannes Cernota  – Digital Release on 26.02.2021

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Who are we?

JARO makes sure independent music culture stays independent.

With 40 Years under the belt, Ulrich Balss has been the passionate heart and flame behind this borderless mission. 

„Over all those years, many have come and gone, but it always felt like family at heart.“ – Ulrich Balss

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