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1987    Cathedral Concert ( 6.12.1987 ) JARO 4138-2
1991    Mysteries       JARO 4153-2
1993    Melody, Rhythm & Harmony        JARO 1993-2
1995    From Bulgaria With Lover        JARO 4165-2
1996    Live in Kobe ( only Japan release)
1998    Mercy for the Living    JARO 4220-2
2003    Angels Christmas   JARO 4252-2
2001    Balkan Passions JARO 4234-2
2013    Angelina   JARO 4310-2
2017    Passion, Mysticism & Delight (D-CD) JARO 4341-2

                                                                                 NEW:  2019 Heritage   JARO 4348-2


2007    Passion & Tales JARO 4288-2

Project Mountain Tale with Huun Huur Tu & Moscow Art Trio

1996    Fly Fly My Sadness      JARO 4197-2
1998    Mountain Tale   JARO 4212-2
2010    Legend ( D-CD)  JARO 4300/01-2

Their voices are fascinating, their style of singing and ornamentation is archaic, distinctive and rooted in centuries of local tradition. The Bulgarian Voices Angelite stands for the worldwide spread of the famous Bulgarian women choir singing since 25 years. Their international success (shows at the Nobel Price Award, the Red Square in Moscow or at the Grammy nomination 1999) and the non breaking international fascination throughout the years shows their uniqueness and quality.

The choir is among the most renowned ensembles in the categories of Balkan and Bulgarian folk music. It was formed as a private choir  from the ashes of the old State Television Choir, dating back to 1952, by the State Choir’s manager: Tanja Andreeva. The comprises two dozen female singers from across the nation under the leadership of Georgy Petkov.

Prior to the fall of communism, the Bulgarian Voices Angelite  were largely unknown to the world, but in the years since the Iron Curtain was lifted the ensemble managed to enchant the world  with their singular blend of classical and folk traditions. This blend is further supplemented  by their mysterious and cryptic manner of singing– peculiarly suspended, frequently dissonant (e.g. with major and minor seconds), and completely void of vibrato. To say that the  Bulgarian Voices Angelite is a mere folklore ensemble is to overlook its true potential. They have established an authentic style of their own by managing to advance in the sphere of art music, drawing inspirations from modern Bulgarian composers e.g. Philip Koutev, Stefan Kanev, Dimitar Dinev, Stefan Mutafchiev, and Nikolai Kauffmann, embarking on journeys with rock (Elio E Le Storie Tese), jazz (Moscow Art Trio), throat singing (Huun-Huur-Tu), hip-hop, and classical fusion (Sarband), whilst preserving its Balkan heritage derived from musical exchanges between Russia, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Therefore, then listening to the choir,  the boundaries between East and West, young and old, pop and classic seem to disappear.

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite has released many critically acclaimed albums internationally and are multiple Grammy nominees. Globe Music Media Arts is their U.S. record label, and JARO Medien is their European label (the same label that represented the old State choir).

In 2012 the Bulgarian Voices Angelite started working on a new CD Angelina: a remarkable music program, in which the folklore of the ancient times enriches and renders its emotional energy to the music of today. The program surveys the contemporary music reality in the realm of folklore.

Bulgarian Voices Angelite’s Style

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite offers something that goes beyond the common folk cliché. One listener might think of  archaic sound-worlds from far-distant times, another of  the marriage of avant-garde and the medieval.

The cryptic, mysterious, perhaps even somewhat mystical quality that characterizes the choir’s sound arises primarily from the singers’ preference for a second voice which is maintained a slight interval to the leading melody. The Bulgarian Voices Angelite produces sounds of the most peculiar vocal timbre, almost as if it was not produced by the human vocal apparatus at all, but by an instrument from some foreign corner of the world. The singers use glissando, shouts, and crazy rhythms. This results in a kind of nearly-dissonant friction as well as a great radiant power similar to an unfolded color spectrum. The Angelite’s voices fan out into a colorfully glowing sound palette that plays with overtone resonance.

Bulgarian Voices Angelite’s Performance

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite has performed practically everywhere: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, US, Canada, Mexico. This is the choir that amazed the audiences on the Red Square in Moscow, and the royal families in Holland and Denmark. is the choir who has performed for the Maharajah of India, and at the Nobel Peace Prize Awards in Oslo. This is the choir for whom Phil Collins recently wrote the song “Transformation,” featured on the soundtrack and DVD of Disney’s “Brother Bear” hit movie. This is the choir recently featured in a multi-page color photo shoot in The New York Times Magazine.

No one who has experienced one of the many concerts performed by this incomparable, legend-in-its-own-time choir has been able to escape the charm and fascination of its voices. On concert tours around the world, the singers have roused the enthusiasm of countless listeners with their surprising, enchanting and incredibly precise singing able to touch the soul.

One of the most distinctive vocal groups in the worldColumbus Dispatch

Angelite is an amazing example of vocal virtuosity.“ Scotsman, Edinburgh , UK

A mysterious marvel.“ Toronto Star, US

Amazing, redemptive, divine.“ The Express, San Francisco, US

[…] and then they sing. Oh my, how they sing.“ Sunday Herald Times, US

The most beautiful music on the planet.“ St. Louis Post Dispatch, US

Throaty sounds course above low drone notes and wide-open harmonies, the ensemble’s performances provide one of the most unique and compelling experience in music” LA Time

[Bulgarian Voices Angelite] transforms songs ingeniously while respecting their sources” NY Times

Hypnotic, transcendent, eerie, jubilant: You can exhaust the dictionary trying to describe the odd Grammy award winning chorus” NY Daily News


NEW CONDUCTOR & Artistic director and KATYA BARULOVA

Katya Barulova graduated with highest scores at the music high school in Kotel and achieved her master degree at the Music Academy in Plovdiv.
She has more than 30 years experience as a teacher in the National School for Folk Arts “Philip Kutev”mainly in the subjects of choir development, History of Music and piano. She has accomplished master classes for choirs and individual studies, methodical help to obtain
proficiency in the specific Bulgarian folklore dialect, as well conducted hundreds of concerts in Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Austria, USA, France, Poland… Katya Barulova has won a number of awards from prestigious competitions and festivals in Italy, Spain, Nederland, Costa Rica,Ireland and special awards from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Union of the Bulgarian composers.


Tzetza Bekova, Biserka Danova, Tatyana Duparinova, Tonia Iankova, Nadezhda Ilieva, Kostadinka Inkova, Sonya Keremetchieva, Yuliya Koleva, Velichka Chausheva, Elka Simeonova, Galya Petrova, Valeria Petrova, Kostadinka Ratsova, Bylyana Kancheva, Vanya Vacari, Tanya Velichkova, Nadya Vladimirova, Rositsa  Dimitrova.


Stoyanka Andreeva– born and raised in the city of Plovdiv, Tanja studied economics before being employed by the Bulgarian State TV and Radio in Sofia. There she started her intensive involvement with Bulgarian music and especially with the famous Bulgarian female choirs. She helped to found Angelite and acts as its personnel manager, researcher, translator, tour manager and, when necessary, group psychologist. With great competence and professional expertise she pilots Angelite through the turbulent seas of the international music business.


Conductor: Georgy Petkov

1.BOGORODIZE, DEVO (Holy Virgin) –Orthodox/ arr. priest Kiril Popov .

Rejoice, Holy Virgin, God is with you

Blessed are you among women

2.TEBE POEM (Unto thee we sing) – D. Hristov
Unto thee we sing. We glorify thee, we thank thee. And unto thee, our Lord we pray.

3. PRAISE THE NAME OF THE  LORD(Hvalite ime Gospodne) – D.Hristov
Let us praise the name of the Lord, for His is the glory of heaven and earth.

4.BLAGOSLOVEN ISI, GOSPODI ( Blessed be the Lord) – P.I. Tchaikovski
Thou art blessed, Lord, teach me the wisdom.

5.VELIKO SLAVOSLOVIE (Great song of Praise) – A.Stroumski
Glory to God in heaven, to peace on earth and to the virtue of man.

6.SVIATII BOJE ( Holy God) – Ivan Spassov (1934-1997)
Holy God, holy Power, holy Eternity, have mercy upon us.

7.JENALA E DYULBER JANA  (Jana is reaping in the field)  arr. Georgy Petkov.

Beautiful Jana is reaping alone in the field near crossroads. In these troubled years she feels so lonely and  unprotected.

8. TRI BULBULA PEYAT (Three nightingales are singing) – Peter Kroumov

A lyric song from Pirin mountain telling about the love songs of three nightingales.

9. DRAGANA I SLAVEI (Dragana and Nightingale) – Philip Koutev

The nightingale challenges Dragana to a singing contest, wagering  its wings; Dragana bets to cut her long hair. She wins, but refuses the bird’s sacrifice, satisfied with her triumph alone.

10.MOMATA S CHUDNA RIZA (The lass with a splendid  dress) – Georgy Petkov

11.HEI, PASTIRI  (Hei, shepherds ) – trad. Arr. Georgy Petkov

Hei, shepherds, what is the news

I heard an angel’s voice, a voice from Heaven

That Jesus Christ is born to save the world

12.LA NOTE Di NATALE (Christmas night) –Silvio Pedrotti/ arrangement Ivan Spassov

In the Christmas night Jesus was born

On hay and  straw and nothing more

13.VITLEEMSKA  ZVEZDA (Ihr Kinderlein, kommet ) Joh.Abrah.Peter Schulz/ arr. Alexander  Jossifov

14. KOLEDNA PESEN (Christmas song) –  Gentcho Gentchev

The Holy mother gave birth to our Lord – Oh, Christmas, Christmas comes

15.Silent night, Holy night – Franz Gruber – arr.Alexander Josiffov

16.ROZHDESTVO HRISTOVO ( Christmas ) – Dobri Hristov, arr. Georgy Petkov

At midnight the church bells ring ,the sound of bells echoes

An angel brought the news – The son of our God is born.

Conductor: Georgy Petkov

Born in the town of Gabrovo on the 24th  of April, 1961 in a family of traditional musicians. He finished secondary music school and in 1986 graduated from the Music Conservatorium in Plovdiv with the specialty of “Choral Conductorship”. Since than he has worked as a conductor and chief conductor of many of Bulgaria’s finest choirs and has toured with these groups throughout Europe.

Georgy Petkov is regarded as one of the leading young composers in Bulgaria. His compositions are included in the albums of various internationally acclaimed groups, such as: Chieftains, Enrique Morente, Vartina, etc.