An Evening in New York


Veröffentlichung / Release: 31. Januar 2020

An Evening in New York (JARO 4352-2)

Rachelle Garniez – Accordion, Piano, Vocals

Erik Della Penna – Guitar, Banjo, Vocals

“The recording. It sounds old fashion, which is good and appropriate to the project. It’s rough and raw, which is also good. It’s very simple and intimate. It’s important to remember that it’s only the two of us” Erik Della Penna

Rachelle Garniez and Erik Della Penna present a varied selection of New York songs in a multi-media performance combining music with historical and contemporary photos from 1928 to the present, as well as quotations from the diary letters of Leipzig bookbinder Theodor Trampler, who went to New York in 1928 with bicycle and camera. 

Everything is based on this book:  New York photo book “Past & Present” by Leipzig bookbinder Theodor Trampler. The main theme of all songs is the city that never sleeps. Compositions by Irving Berlin, who began as a singing waiter in NY and then became America’s most popular composer. Most of the pieces, however, are songs by Rachelle and Erik, both of whom have long musical careers. Rachelle Garniez is one of the best singer/songwriters from New York, she writes stage music and is currently devoting herself to a project about Tom Waits ( Vicky Kristina Barcelona) that is due to be released in autumn 2020. 

Erik Della Penna was for many years companion of J. Baez and J. Osborne and is co-writer of Natalie Merchant. The compositions are based on pictures of New York from 1928 and were partly conceived for the live show.

The song “LuftSchiffBau” tells for example the story of Graf Zeppelin and the arrival of the first Zeppelin in New York 1928, stories about Irish immigrants, the fair on Conny Island (“Wonder Wheel”) , the high-rise construction boom of the 1930s and the present or about the “ 42 Street” . The response on the tour in autumn 2019 was so overwhelming that both musicians decided to record this CD in New York after their return in November 2019. They decided to record the music live, in an intimate atmosphere, without overdubs or technical supports, to create an atmosphere just like in the 30s and take us back to a time 90 years ago.

The CD  will be released for the second  European tour of the multi-media project at the end of January 2020. 13 dates in February will bring these songs back to stage and the live premiere of the program in the USA will be on May 14, 2020.

“Rachelle Garniez, who recalls the fabulous Ricky Lee Jones. When she starts at the piano “Am I blue”, it’s not an evergreen in an endless loop, but a grandiose song shimmering out of the deep layers, which, despite its unmistakable ragtime patina, is a great song. Mittelbayrische Zeitung 18.10.19

Song we recommend:

Track 11: Wonder Wheel 3:26 ( Erik Della Penna )

Track 8: Black Irish Boy 3:52 ( Rachelle Garniez) 

The bookby Ulrich Balß, New York “Past & Present”(JARO 4337-2)

ISBN 978-3-9813509-3-7

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