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Brahms Britten Beatles

Kellie Rucker (USA) and Richie Arndt (DE) have a long-standing musical and personal friendship. The two musicians have known and appreciated each other for more than 15 years and have successfully performed together at numerous concerts and festivals in Germany and other European countries. On several albums by Richie Arndt and of course on her own CDs produced in the USA with renowned colleagues, Kellie has proven her extraordinary abilities as a virtuoso harmonica player and expressive singer! In spring 2023, the long-awaited first joint live CD “Rockin’ Americana” with the Richie Arndt Band will be released on FUEGO, recorded live in the sold-out Minden Jazz Club in December 2023!
A lot of blues, some country and Americana as well as driving rock and boogie… A musical statement that stands on solid ground!

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