Dance Jazz Live


This album marks the last of a series of CDs  to come about spontaneously and nearly by chance. It was recorded during the tour in January 1995 and comprises more jazzy grooves. Pili Pili defines its own standard of jazz: raw, personal, stubborn, always inspired by rhythm and groove, fantastic for dancing.

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Dance Jazz Live is a Live-recording of two concerts in Bremen and Hannover (Germany) in January, 1995.

After touring regularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Pili-Pili, led by keyboarder Jasper van’t Hof , for the first time is invited to do a concert tour in Spain. For ten years Pili-Pili has spent the cold, central European winter, spreading energy and esprit with their funky mixture of jazz, African rhythms and South American charm in highly acclaimed concerts. The internationally renowned members of the band include: the Dutch keyboard dervish Jasper van’t Hof with that bundle of Carribean energy, singer Izaline Calister, the well-known trombone player Annie Whitehead of London (Prince, Joan Armatrading, Elvis Costello, James Blood Ulmer etc.), the Hungarian saxophone virtuoso Tony Lakatos, funk bassist Frank Itt (Terence Trent D’Arby, voted 2nd best bassist in Germany 1997), the African percussionist Dra Diara and Marlon Klein (Dissidenten) on the drums. With such a cast of stars, we can be sure of some more of those “extra-class concerts …which with regard to fire and bite do the band’s name complete justice (Pili-Pili is an African word for chilli pepper).”

The variety of stuff sold as dance jazz these days is mind-boggling! Most of it is pretty lukewarm: neither jazz nor dancable. For Pili-Pili both have been part of the concept from the very beginning: a high standard of jazz, raw, personal, stubborn, always inspired by rhythm and groove and – fantastic for dancing – Dance Jazz Live.

In the past ten years, with extensive tours and a total of nine CDs, Pili-Pili’s sound has become musically and conceptually denser, more compact and more suspenseful. The sum of this development is now documented on their newest CD.

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1. Summerdance 8:23
2. No Money, No Tolerance 5:56
3. Head Peeper 8:09
4. Pilansberg 7:09
5. Hotel Babo 7:06
6. Jim Jam 6:44
7. Jeez 3:21
8. Boogaloo 12:37
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Jasper van’t Hof – Keyboards

Marlon Klein – Drums

Dra Diara – Percussion

Annie Whitehead – Trombone

Frank Itt – Bass

Izaline Caliste – Vocals

Tony Lakatos – Saxophone

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