Del Nuevo Ciclo


Del Nuevo Ciclo contains compositions for chamber orchestra by Di Matteo, recorded in Uljanowsk, Russia, with the Uljanowsk Chamber Orchestra. 

Compositions for chamber orchestra by Di Matteo, recorded in Uljanowsk, Russia with the Uljanowsk Chamber Orchestra. This recording by Luis di Matteo (in addition to a similar attempt by Astor Piazolla) represents a new step which may have a decisive effect not only for Di Matteo, but also for the entire of tango music. It’s hardly a coincidence, therefore, that the first suite is called Del nueve ciclo (Of the new cicle). Luis di Matteo remarks on this: “This composition as well as the following are a new stage in my career as a composer and musician. Out of this develops a new philosophy of my music, motivated by the influence ot the stringed instruments that have been involved with the tango since its development.

The title ‘Del Nuevo Ciclo’ (Of the new circle) could be the programme. For the fusion heard on this recording could easily be the beginning of a new development in Tango music.” Dresdner Neue Nachrichten


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