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Three cool songs about football

A german-netherlands production. The focus would not be the high-polish, sponsor-cushioned side of football but its down-to-earth, nitty-gritty side: street football, as it sees itself.

Track 1: Du bist Peter Pan

A tribute to the eternal boy who invests all his energy and passion into the daily dream of doing something unique, something great and using his ideas and talents to take the wind out of melancholy’s sails. Football serves as a symbol for the inexhaustible search for fun, pleasure, happiness and greatness.

Track 2: Football Football

A Caribbean Calypso by Edmondo Ross, a musician living in England. Transformed by Jasper and Charles into a flawless pub hymn.

Track 3: Selecáo ´06

Charles’ homage to Brazilian football. Already in 1994 he contributed his personal share to the making of Selecáo as world champions. The new version is at the kick-off as “Voodoo, ”ready to serve as a lucky charm once again. “One nation reduced to eleven, wizards between earth and sky – caressing games on lawn, miraculous samba in yellow and green.”