“Eine klasse Scheibe, voll Spielfreude und stilübergreifender Offenheit, die in jeglicher Hinsicht unterhaltsam und anspruchsvoll zugleich geraten ist.” (Fachlatt)

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A first-class disc, fully play joy and style-covering openness which has got in any regard entertaining and demandingly at the same time. Universal dance music for the global village or in other words rap, jazz and soul singing as a true synthesis of styles. Charles calls his music ‘c–funk’ – ‘c’ for cosmo-creative-celebration and other alliterations. A music that need not shy away from international comparisons.

a song for new orleans

bigeasyandblue is a little tool of help, of solidarity and saying thanks for so many good things, which once started in New Orleans to make the music culture around the world a bit greater, jazzier, funkier and deeper. What seems to be self-evident today, started a hundred years a go at the Congo Square in New Orleans, when African influences mixed with the cultural heritage of the Amercian Indians, with the Carribean and with cultural contents of the European conquerers. Later also funky rhythms were played in New Orleans, nearly 20 years before James Brown named his music Funk. Today we all know, listen and play music which is connected to the Blues, the Jazz and the Funk. Disco, House, Techno, Hip Hop, R&B or any Break Beats music – the roots of these modern styles are in New Orleans. May this song help a very little bit, to rebuild the „city of thousand dreams“, that everybody who was damaged by the Hurricane exact three years a go, who was forced to leave home, will be able to get back to New Orleans again, asap. “Your gift to the world was the Blue Note, the Mardi Gras and the Big Easy. Take this song bigeasyandblue as a boomerang of good vibes and wishes”.

moodi allen

aka Charles Petersohn is a musician, DJ and lyricist from Whoopataal, Germany. All music, he is singing, playing, mixing or producing, is connected to Funk and Jazz. He never learned to play an instrument, every tone he plays and sings, comes out of his heart and soul. The Jazz and Funk, he plays, is an instinctive appearance. He is not only listening music, he is sucking the vibes out of it, until he got an own attempt of what he wants to play and say. His connection to the Jazz and Funk is to integrating some blue notes and back beats into the electronic stuff – urban roots technology.

every download helps

If you prefer the original song or the second line dance, every download helps. The complete artist’s share of each download goes to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic (NOMC). They take care of the medical claims and needs of the New Orleans musicians and their families. Since Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, the NOMC is organising a lot of activities regarding the rebuilding of the city, too. The NOMC also is involved into many cultural responsibilities. For example they co-organise and promote the New Orleans Heritage Jazz Festival, etc. They are also looking after international benefit activities. The NOMC will help to promote bigeasyandblue in the USA.

As DJ, radio presenter and musician, Charles F. Petersohn made a name for himself amongst insiders beyond his chosen home of Wuppertal in 1991 with his fusion of jazz, hip hop, afro, latin, soul and funk. At that time flattering parallels to the Acid Jazz/Talkin’ Loud scene were drawn. Charles’ music is shaped by his willingness to experiment and to be daring and is composed creative sessions with his band. That means a whole lot of hand – crafted music!

One thing especially counts next to musical capabilities: open mindedness – the rejection of stylistic boundaries. Charles’ lyrics are straight and pointed yet nontheless clichè and free of slogans. ‘Mother, father, sister, brother – hand in hand with one another…’ – a quote from the first piece – makes Charles request very clear. Also ‘Jump, young man, jump’ is an excellent example. His music is a statement about today’s global situation. It has remarkably few samples, which is also because of his unmistakable vocal style in which intelligent jazz-rap and expressive funkiness are united.

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1. Here it is 4.13
2. Nightclubbing 4.36
3. A picture of chloe 3.47
4. Encore 5.09
5. Planet woo 5.20
6. Elevator nightmare 5.18
7. Love happens … 4.31
8. Sheznot 5.07
9. Can u feel the subway? 4.41
10. The pipeline 6.54
11. Babylon is strong 4.48


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