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In the 1980s CRASH belonged to the most successful Jazz-Rock bands of the eastern European scene. Tours mostly in Germany and Spain made them well known to a wider audience in the West. Since there has been a revival of Jazz-Fusion in the past few years JARO decided to release this album as CD.

[…] This band could blow many Britain’s, America’s or France’s counterparts off the stage, so advanced is their style.” (Melody Maker, England)

CRASH had been one of the leading fusion bands from East Europe. Some of titles reminds nowadays to the early Sade. The band toured all over Europe and the re-released CD is an excellent document of the hight standard of East-European fusion/jazz music. Bonus tracks are the three live tunes from 1983 in Krakau, Poland.

Crash was founded in 1976 in the Polish city of Wroclaw. It soon became one the most popular jazz-rock groups in the country. Already in 1977 they traveled in the West giving concerts in Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Germany. The climax of this tour was their participation in the Jazz Festival in San Sebastian in Spain where won the first price for amateur groups. Furthermore bass player Andrzej Pluszcz was elected best instrumentalist of the festival.

In the following year hte whole band went professional and participated again in San Sebastian, but this time in the gala performance together with Sonny Rollins and others. Their stronghold remained Poland where they played concerts, performed for radio and TV and were com-missoned to write compositions, i. e. a piece for a jazz group, string quartet and symphony orchestra.

From 1979 on Crash toured in regularly in Western as well as Eastern Europe, mostly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. At the same time the band’s tonal range widened when singer Grazyna Lobaszewska joined the group.

In 1981 Crash recorded their first record Every Day A Trial which was released in Germany by JARO Records. Two years later their second album came out presenting a live concert in the Southern Polish city of Kraków.

In the late 1980s, after having played a large European tour with Pekka Pohjola (ex Mike Oldfield), the band broke up – having written a remarkable piece of East-West Rock-Jazz history.

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Grazyna Lobaszewska – vocals

Wladyslaw Kwasnicki – saxes

Juliusz Mazur – keyboards

Stanislaw Zybowski – guitar

Andrzej Pluszcz – bass, accordeon

Woiciech Morawski – drums

Hose Tores – percussion on bonus tracks

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