Heimatlose Lieder


“HEIMATLOSE LIEDER finden ein Zuhause”

by AQUABELLA now on CD

Germany’s most renowned female vocal ensemble presents almost forgotten
languages, enchanting melodies and ingenious arrangements on their new CD
Where do I come from? Where do I belong? On their new CD, AQUABELLA A CAPPELLA,
Germany’s most renowned female vocal ensemble, sings songs from countries that no longer exist.
countries that no longer exist, in languages that have almost been forgotten, or tell of
people who are without a home. On “HEIMATLOSE LIEDER finden ein Zuhause” you can hear songs like
songs such as – politically highly topical – the farewell song of a Ukrainian mother or the
Hebrew L`dor vador, which reminds us of the really important things in life. The
AQUABELLA also sing the songs of the almost forgotten mountain people Bunun in Taiwan or the world-famous
or the world-famous “Helele”, which was not only sung around the globe for the 2012 World Cup
around the globe. The five singers also deal with their own sense of home.
also deal with their own sense of home. In their search for clues, they encountered the legendary GDR song by Nina
Hagen’s legendary song “Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen” (You forgot the color film), which AQUABELLA interprets
interpreted. “Oj Gora ta kaninova” tells equally for Slovenians and Italians from the
from the Résital about the deepest connection with the native landscape.
With “HEIMATLOSE LIEDER finden ein Zuhause” AQUABELLA has again succeeded in creating a real work of art.
succeeded. The almost forgotten languages, enchanting melodies and ingenious
arrangements make this CD with 13 songs a unique listening experience.
AQUABELLA see themselves as ambassadors and mediators of cultural traditions.
traditions. “Music and language are the anchor and identity of every people”,
emphasize the singers. Therefore, the ensemble has always collected musical gems on their travels and at home.
musical gems that flow into its programs as favorite songs.
AQUABELLA sing in twenty languages and have won international awards. On more than
900 concerts, they have already thrilled audiences at home and abroad. “HOMELESS SONGS
finden ein Zuhause” is their eighth CD recording. The singers are Nadja Dehn, Anett Levander,
Nina Rotner, Erika Spalke, Maria Tomaschke and Bettina Stäbert. Guests include:
Elisabeth Sutterlüty (vocals), Nasser Kilada and Axel Meier (both percussion).

Order CD from Aquabella via mail info@aquabella.net or at: Jaro Medien GmbH, Jaro
4366, www.jaro.de
Press and interview contact:
Bettina Stäbert | Wilhelmstr. 12 | 10963 Berlin | Tel. +49 (0)30- 25 940 930
Mobil: +49 (0) 160- 966 501 48 | www.aquabella.net | info@aquabella.net

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