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‘Legend’ is a live double CD presenting the complete concert program of the Bulgarian Voices AngeliteHuun-Huur-Tu and Moscow Art Trio collaboration. Here the beauty of the program can be enjoyed in its entirety. This product of many years of work and collaboration is one of the highlights of the world music genre in concert.

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Music like a symphony, the most unique voices program of the world

The transcendence of music‘s traditional and contemporary boundaries is an essential aspect of this unique project involving altogether twenty-eight musicians. By these means, the similarities and differences between Russian, Bulgarian and Tuvan folklore are explored, and the results presented to listeners. After the first CD “Fly, Fly My Sadness” (1995), Mikhail Alperin expanded the concept to encompass the World Music perspective. Accordingly, the focus is not only on the folk music of the regions in question, but contemporary rhythmical elements are considered elements on an equal footing with folklore. The invitation to the Moscow Art Trio to join the undertaking was the logical consequence of this development. The recordings for a second CD, “Mountain Tale” (1998), followed. Since that time, the project has been presented in selected concert venues all over the world. On Legend, the complete concert programme can now be heard on a live double CD. Here and here only, does the beauty of the programme come entirely into its own. The product of many years of work and collaboration, it is one of the highlights of World Music in concert.

It has already been fifteen years since we embarked on this adventure into the unknown. At that time, it was virtually impossible for the participants to understand what was really happening musically. It often takes time to digest something new, especially if that new thing is as unusual as this.

For most creative people, undertaking new joint projects is par for the course. For a great variety of reasons, however, new projects also often fail in the early stages. We are extremely happy that this project is still a great source of inspiration for all thirty musicians involved, we well as for listeners around the world. We hope you will enjoy this music, and that, listening to it, you will take to the skies – just as we did.

Misha Alperin, Oslo, December 2009

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