Made in Hongkong

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Ivan was born in 1955 in Moscow. He has studied composition at the Music Academy in Tashkent. After finishing his studies, Ivan got a lecturer position at this university. In addition to teaching, he was writing music scores for the Soviet movies. Pieces of this music can be heard on the Made in Hong Kong album – track Der Gregorianer. In 1979, he met the poet and philosopher Lin Wang in Hong Kong. As a result, the dominant theme of this album became Lin Wang’s lullaby for their son Sergei.

In the early ’80, Ivan moved his family to Munich, Germany. Here he managed to gather in a short time the core of his future band: Dr. Sound- playing drums on self-made panpipes from Cola bottles; Ilse von Eztoff- “He is a fantastic musician and I am glad to be working with hime, but there’s one thing that I do not understand– the fear that one night the ants will eat his bed” says about him Ivan.

As a result, the band from this album contains the following personnel: Ivan Opium – keyboards, harp, Voice; Ilse von Etzoff – bass, guitar, synthesizer Bass, Voice; Dr. Sound – bass, guitar; Lin Wang – vocals; Burkhard Schmidl – vocals.

Enjoy this funny trip to Hong Kong!


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