Magnetic Orient


On this album, Okay Temiz, one of the pioneers of world music in Europe, presents a blend of different music cultures with an unusual line up: trumpet, clarinet, kanun, drums and percussion. 

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On this record Magnetic Orient, one of the pioneers of world music in Europe, Okay Temiz, seems to continue his legendary project Oriental Wind. His blend of different music cultures shows an unusual line up: trumpet, clarinet, kanun, drums and percussion.


In a sense, Temiz’ Magnetic Band is the logical consequence of the Oriental Wind-idea with other means. On the one hand, the twelve pieces on this CD continue along the road taken by Oriental Wind — i. e. they combine improvisational, jazz-inspired ideas with traditional “crooked-time” themes. At the same time, however, Okay Temiz has become more roots-conscious, for in the meantime his road has crossed a few footpaths which have left their mark: A certain Balkan/Gipsy/Klezmer sound makes itself heard, and the encounter with folklore — taking place precisely on the border between Orient and Occident and thus particularly with the folklore of Turkey — has become more distinct. In the course of the centuries, many a musical idea has been exchanged within the framework of this lively border traffic: The roots of pieces like “Cökertme” or “Gayda”, for example, defy clear definition as originally Turkish later incorporated into the music of the Balkans’ or vice versa. “Kürdali”, on the other hand, could just as well have originated in the repertoire of a gipsy brass band of Romania or Walachia, while in “Kemalpasa Ciftetelli” we encounter the ‘talking’ clarinet known from Klezmer. Cross-references of this kind apply to virtually every track on the CD: On this exciting exploration of musical border regions, every listener can make his own discoveries!”  Christian Emigholz

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Okay Temiz – drums, talking drums, qicca, timbales, congas, darbuka, tablas, synth

Huesnue Senlendirici – clarinet, ud, double bass

Erguen Senlendirici – trumpet

Nuri Lekesiz Goez – kanun

Anders Westergard – drums

All pieces composed and arranged by OKAY TEMIZ.

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