A 60 pages photo book in a limited edition.

I am catching Hazmat Modine Band in the middle of a performance or shortly before; something is happening to them in these moments. They are wistful, beautiful, curious, longing for something that their performance will bring. They are an ensemble playing a long tour for weeks together, sitting in tiny tour buses and airplanes, in hotel lobbies and backstage dressing rooms.

I believe it’s possible to show reality in portraits and my camera was disposed to do this. I have a rare relationship to the band, travelling with them and having organized their concert tours in Europe. I try to capture the musicians as they are, These are sometimes images of innocence, un-selfconscious, my version of truth. Sometimes they let me in, let me see, hear and feel what they are, but each individual is so different from the others. Some are easy to catch, some are elusive. I cannot blame them that they hide themselves sometimes. It was a very organic process travelling with the artists and carrying my camera around all the time.
I tried to compose images of artists on the move, as well as conveying the great range of expressions a concert performance offers; the thin line between reality and illusion which is the world of stage.

The first artist picture shows Wade Schuman, the bandleader, alone on stage, playing his harmonica. He is composer, arranger, performing artist, painter, lecturer and first Hazmatic.

Their ability to perform World Music on stage every day gave me a lot of creative energy. Rather than following a preset plan, I let their actions determine mine, trying to tell the story of their tour, including a ship voyage from Sweden to Finland and the 60th birthday of Joe Daley.

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