Ashia Bison Rouge created, recorded, and mixed an album of  ‘Cello Songs’ with layers of her cello, voice, some ukulele, and with Violin parts by Olga Kwiatek and Simon Kluth. The songs on the album reflects her live performances with just her cello, voice, effects, and the loop station.

The album title ODƎR, is the German spelling of the River ‘Odra’, one of the songs on this album. The Odra flows along Poland and Germany, bringing with it themes of Ancestry, Love, and Roots in music drawing from Pop, Classical, Folk, and Rock all composed on the cello.

„We float down this river looking for some place, something, or someone to hold to. Sometimes this someone is a rather bit dangerous and we sink, howl, hold and fall, and eventually crawl out of the water to walk on our own two feet. We dig in roots, we listen to ancestors, we find home in the strangest of places, even at the bottom of a river.“ Ashia

The songs range from dynamic to dreamy, rushing forward with many cello layers, powerful vocals and then releasing into nostalgic melodies and voices calling in the mist. They carry a natural sense of movement, since several of the pieces have been written in collaboration and working with physical performers, dancers, artistik based in Berlin.

With Cello, Loopstations, effects, and her “powerfully expressive voice” (Berliner Morgenpost), Ashia Bison Rouge creates a whole world made of sounds, rhythms, moods and moving melodies.

Dreamy, dynamic pop songs and rhythmic, electronic style pieces are connected by layers of ambient sounds to create what she calls a ‘Song Archipelego’ in her live shows.

All the songs and compositions are performed live in the moment and only with her instruments and effects: no electronics, and no synthesizers. Think of it as an Organic-Cello Orchestra Concert! Her style at times comparable to the Portland Cello Project, Zoe Keating, as well as other cello based performers including 2 Cellos.

Ashia Bison Rouge is inspired by nature, ancestry, movement, and dance. Next to her solo-project she has performed with Cirque du Soleil, created pieces for Base Berlin Artistik, Chameleon Theater, and performs a key cello-playing-acting-singing role in the ‘acrobatical’ “Der Helle Wahnsinn”.

She was born in Wrocław. Poland, then grew up near Seattle/Portland, USA, and currently lives in Berlin, DE. In Spring of 2015 Ashia Bison Rouge had the honor to perform her solo songs with the Salem Chamber Orchestra in Salem, Oregon. She has also performed with the Songbirds Collective, Portland Cello Project, Arstidir, Vagabond Opera, and Jherek Bischoff.

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