Oh! That Cello


All tracks are compositions by Charlie Chaplin for cello and piano, including the word famous “Limelight”. Recordings after the original manuscripts, played according to Chaplin’s original manuscripts.

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Charlie Chaplin was not only a gifted actor who slipped again and again to the world famous role of the lovable tramps. The star was also a really talented musician.
This CD brings into your home unforgettable tunes such as the theme music: ” Limelight “, ” Falling Star ” from the movie ” The Great Dictator “, ” Spring Song ” from ” A King in New York ” and ” Bonjour Madame ” from ” the Countess from Hong Kong ” as well as the unrelated film tune ” Oh! That Cello ” – a delightful documentary about the iconic film clown and still undiscovered composers and musicians, Charlie Chaplin.
The CD was released in 57 countries and is one of the most successful cello-CDs in the world. All tracks are compositions by the famous actor and director for cello and piano including the world famous “Limelight”. The album is also available in a special edition with a double CD-Box and a 60-page booklet.



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