Origin Of Stars

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Bild 3Kyrie Kristmanson (Ottawa, Canada)
Vocals, guitar, trumpet
Kyrie Kristmanson grew up in the folk clubs of Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, but my songs seem to come from an ancient place: the ghostly energies of the vast and empty Canadian landscapes where she was born, or the haunted ruins of the medieval castles where she now live and work. She is currently reconstructing the lost melodies of the female troubadours, the first songwriters to write about profane love in the 12th and 13th centuries. Also she had won many awards in Canada am have often been called a 21st century troubadour.
“Origin Of Stars” is her last album wich describes perfectly Kyries style. Kyrie writes and sings her own songs accompanying herself on guitar. These songs have been described by Canadian music experts as “unusual and unique” and “refreshing and engaging”. Her songs are influenced by contemporary Folk, Medieval music, as well as Pop and Jazz, yet they transcend all categories. According to the Canadian music magazine “Exclaim!” she “answers the question of how Bjork would sound if she were a swamp-boogie queen with a jazz upbringing”. She has enchanted audiences at the London Jazz Festival, as well as support for Emily Loizeau and Sophie Hunger, among many others. Her recordings feature spare acoustic guitar, chirping crickets, and filigree percussive elements. A breezy jazz trumpet delivers the smart accessory to the perky singer, who delights in philosophizing on the beauties of Nature, mysticism and spirits.

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