Passing Pictures


A repertoire that goes beyond the classical, replaced, expanded or interspersed with improvisations and interdisciplinary elements. The present recording “Passing Pictures” offers a collection of delightful intermezzi that reflect different atmospheres and situations in snapshots, so to speak.
As a synaesthete who, for example, sees colours with music and vice versa, Johannes Cernota develops patterns, pictures or even picture tableaus in his mind’s eye to musical sounds, rhythms and sequences.
It almost goes without saying that he is enthusiastic about the development of associative accompanying music for pictures and films not set to music. 
In concerts, Johannes Cernota regularly performs silent film concerts as well as his varied programmes called “Bilder im Konzert” (Pictures in Concert). In the latter, there is always an encounter with the interdisciplinary works of Erik Satie. Cernota’s special connection with Satie’s compositions has now lasted forty years.
Thus, many of the present recordings of “Passing Pictures” are musical tableaus written down in memory of striking film scenes. But who doesn’t occasionally hear the Satie-like atmospheric colours? A tribute to Erik Satie!
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