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The guitarist Lothar Müller plays his instrument as expressive as a singer: his tone, his phrasing, his melodies and stories are of a vocal nature and intensity.

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Playing his guitar as expressive as a singer, Lothar Müller is entering new grounds with his compositions. müller’s music contains elements of country and rock, sounds and samples, grooves and feelings. Borders are fluid – or have completely disappeared. müller’s musical language will be understood all over the world.

müller – a quartet with a centre of gravity: Lothar Müller’s guitar. He plays his instrument with the expression of a singer – the guitar sings, speaks, tells stories. Is this jazz? müller gets jazz dressed up in the prettiest things: rock grooves, sampling, soundscapes, wah-wah, slide, feed- back, all deftly combined.

Lothar Müller’s compositions are characterised by clear structures, intense, often melancholy atmospheres and the warm vocal tone of the guitar, showing simple, beautiful melodies. Influenced by the Beatles, by their extraordinary wealth of ideas and inventions, Lothar Müller went his way via Santana, Hendrix and Clapton, until the path led to Abercrombie, Scofield and Frisell. Jazz offered him more expressive possibilities, more space and time.

In müller’s music, borders are fluid – or disappearing altogether, the power of music making everything possible. Sound journeys all over the world, explorations of “No man’s land” and “Kindercountry” existing alongside arrangements of pieces by Luiz Bonfas and Björk. The language of müller is universal, the guitar is song. Lothar Müller refers to himself as an autodidact, having learned with the help of a book called “Beatles Complete” and a hi-fi. He started out as a singer in various bands. In the 90s, he took lessons with John Abercrombie and Jim Hall.

After receiving the International Jazz Prize of Trier in 1990, Müller went on to win the Jazz Podium of Lower Saxony several times (the last being in 2002). He has played with Cunnie Williams on the latter’s tour of Europe, taken the Müller Trio on concert tours to Russia (2001) and China (2002) and worked as a theatre musician at the Schauspielhaus Hannover and the Berliner Ensemble.


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