…peaceful moments…
in a light caribbean breeze
under the spirit of India
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Worldwide unique is the fusion of Indian Ragas, Jazz, Rock, Ambient, Trance and shamanic components, that Harry Payuta puts in a musical form without fear of contact.

Folker-Magazin Mar 2003: A CD full of Sitar-Sounds far from Indian classic. The music moves between Trance-Grooves and World Music and makes also trips to Latin America. But because of the Sitar as lead-instrument all tracks are sounding very Indian. This CD maybe find in Chill-Out-Rooms of Goa-Parties. To get used to the Sitar, this CD is ideal.

Weser Kurier Feb 2003: Payuta admits elements of Jazz- and World Music, confronts it with Trance and Rock- Beats. But it’s the nature of the Sitar-Sound that there´s always a kind of Raga-Feeling, what is often combined with fat grooves. In a way Payuta has devised the indo-German Sitar-Groove. A brilliant album. 

Frankfurter Neue Presse Feb 2003: The music is outstanding with it´s balanced and concurrently pushing rhythm, what makes the right feeling. Who wants to get excited in trance by Indian sounds, will surely like SITAR SIGNS; anymore: he will be thrilled!


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Harry Payuta, one of the most differently Sitar- and Didgeridoo-Players of today, is a musician of many spheres. In addition to exploring rock, blues and jazz, he participated as a guitarist, bassist and singer/songwriter in many avant-garde and New Music projects.

Since 1992 his mainly interest is in WorldBeat-Music. In 1996 he founded the »Ear-Tranceport« project with ethno-fusion musicians from Mali and Morocco (EMBRYO / AMON DÜÜL). CD productions and tours through Europe followed. In the area of Dance Floor he toured Germany and Switzerland with the Mojo-Club (Hamburg), a collaboration which led to various Goa Techno Trance projects.

In 2002 he worked with Huun-Huur-Tu, the world-renowned overtone singers from Tuva in Mongolia. Two of Harry Payuta’s arrangements appear on Huun-Huur-Tu’s remix CD Spirits from Tuva, a production in which international teams representing Europe from Paris to Moscow participated. In September 2002 the CD ranked Number One on the European World Music charts. The title »Eki Attar« was first on the Greek charts for ten weeks.

Since 2000, Harry Payuta has been producing CDs under his own name and performing in concert with his band »Payuta & Friends«. Of the wide spectrum of instruments he plays, it is the Indian sitar which Payuta avowedly finds most fascinating. He employs it in unconventional ways, composing pieces for it that are highly appealing to the Western ear.

At studio-payuta-music he works as a sound engineer, graphic artist, producer and, naturally, as a musician.

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