The album was released in France, Germany, Benelux, England, Austria and Switzerland at JARO Medien. The disk was recorded in Paris in winter 2010/11 with her current band and friends playing cello, gimbri (west-african lute), violin, accordion and darbuka (arabian drum). The record led to the  band’s  European success –booked out concerts and enthused audiences.

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A Polish actress, she joined the Academy of Theatre of Paris… Far from her roots, she found herself: some soft lullabies composed on a lost guitar, and her fingers remember. Her memory can sing again. Two major encounters are sufficient, then: the musicians and the audience, both sensitive to the language of emotions. The young and passionate woman reinvents the words of Slavonic poets (and also Shakespeare’s) and delivers a sweet and expressive singing, in her mother tongue. Her fourth album Sonnet is a mixture of Folk, Worldmusic and Chanson, named after Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29.

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Aldona is a quartet leaded by vocalist, composer and guitarist Aldona Nowowiejska. She now lives in Paris but has Polish roots and on this album she sings in the Polish language, except for an occasional French song. Besides original material she sings lyrics by Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson amongst others. The result is a very fine blend of Polish music, folk, slight Americana influences and a good bunch of creativity. Aldona plays with sounds, styles and has an expressive voice that gives each song the right atmosphere. Sometimes powerful and overwhelming, but also fragile and almost shy. A very nice debut album with a very own sound by a passionate singer/musician.”  Eelco Schilder

Aldona, the blond one, the sweet one, who knows how to change moods in the blink of an eye and in the shift of her voice: There are times when she’s wild, there are times when she’s hilarious and there are times when she’s desperate. She knows where the wind blows, she knows the seasons and she knows the adventurous human mind – how it can burst into laughter and into tears. That apparent contradiction (trash tenderness, punk poetry) can be summarized in two words: Slavic Extravaganza!(Extract from a French review)

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