This CD comprises the first two albums recorded by Luis Di Matteo in Germany ― Tango Contemporáneo and Le Dernier Tango. Here, the bandoneon, oboe, double bass, piano and drums are enrolled to serve the soothing style of Tango Nuevo. The compositions for Tango Contemporáneo have all originated in Montevideo (Uruguay), whereas Le dernier Tangocontains three works composed by Di Matteo in Detmold (Westphalia Region, Germany).

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1984/1997 – Compilation of the two LPs Tango Contemporáneo  and Le Dernier Tango. Tango Nuevo with bandoneon, oboe, double bass, piano and drums.

This CD comprises the first two albums recorded by Luis Di Matteo in Germany — Tango Contemporáneo and Le Dernier Tango. By the time Di Matteo first visited Germany in 1983, he had already recorded six LPs under his own name and participated in several other projects in Uruguay. His German/European debut was so successful that he would soon return for a more comprehensive tour. Following the concerts, Luis Di Matteo recorded his first album for JARO. The compositions for Tango Contemporáneo had all originated in Montevideo, and several of them had also been recorded there — using similar instrumental constellations — for the LP Latitude 55. Le Dernier Tango on the other hand, released in 1985, contains three works composed by Luis Di Matteo in Detmold (eastern Westphalia/Germany), the city which was to serve as his European base for a number of years.

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Luis Di Matteo, one of the great innovators of the genre” Frankfurter Rundschau

His compositions are hardly predictable, remaining suspenseful until their pleasantly harmonious resolutions… In this impressively ethereal cosmos, Tango Nuevo is only one facet between the traditional, the classical and the modern. Luis Di Matteo’s natural, individual fusion opens new horizons.”  FAZ

[…] Matteo found new means of expression, and since then has continually approached the classical music of Europe — thus anticipating the present trend. He has done more to broaden the stylistic spectrum of his complicated instrument than most other bandoneon virtuosi.” FAZ

Matteo’s compositions are characterised by originality and virtuosity, by an incredibly fine sense for nuances of rhythm and dynamics …one can only marvel enthusiastically […] An exceptional concert.” Münchner Merkur

Luis Di Matteo joins Piazzola and Saluzzi to form the triple star of the world’s great interpreters of Tango.”  Badische Zeitung

He developed Tango Nuevo into Concert Tango.”  Oberbadisches Volksblatt

Luis Di Matteo proves himself to be a true master of this instrument. He raises the Tango to its symphonic form.”  Norddeutsche Rundschau

Luis Di Matteo, the soloist, was a conductor, the combo hidden in his box a world orchestra.Die Woche

German-English translation by Judith Rosenthal, Frankfurt am Main



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