The Deluxe Box Set – with Vinyl and FREE Gifts!


96 in stock

96 in stock

Only 5 of those beeing sold!

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As we all need something intriguing, refreshing and affordable at the moment…we decided to add some free gifts to our products!

   + limited Hologram edition

  + buff-style multi-functional Scarf with lowkey HHT logo FREE

  + Photobook signed by Huun-Huur-Tu and personalized autogram from Author!


On top of a premium quality Photobook in all regards, we added some extras, making this beloved Gift even more unique.

The perfect present for someone who wants his gift to be remembered!


Terra Incognita Tuva – Deluxe Box Set

144 pages, 120 fotos + signed by Huun-Huur-Tu, Multi-functional scarf and Hologram
1 CD Huun Huur Tu Live recorded 2019
1 DVD about throat singing




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