The Spirit In Past and Present


A collection of vocal music with Sarband, Trinovox, the Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE , Mikhail Alperin, Sergey Starostin, Huun-Huur-Tu, Hamlet Gonashvili and others. ” […] a competent introductory aid in opening one’s ears for the heart-moving music of human voices from Southeast Europe and Asia.” (Jazzthing/Blue Rhythm)

An extraordinary new CD series published by JARO is designed to present a world-wide-spectrum of music for voice. It reaches back to snogs of times long forgotten and forward to avant-garde and experimental modes and includes examples of the monophonic and polyphonic techniques, sacred and secular song, compositions for solo, for choir, for voice with instrumental accompaniment and a capella – exciting music from all over the world. This is JARO´s vision: to introduce what is conceived, composed and performed off of the main streets and outside of the mainstreams.

Tracklist The Spirit In Past and Present

1. The Bulgarian Voices- Angelite & Huun-Huur-TuFly, Fly, My Sadness 7:40

2. Hamlet GonashviliOrovela 5:25

3. SarbandCantico delle Creature 5:08

4. Mikhail AlperinPrayer 8:22

5. TrinovoxAddio Monti 5:58

6. Huun-Huur-TuMezhegei 4:15

7. The Bulgarian Voices- AngeliteOi Mara 1:59

8. Yoon/Boonka “Earborn” feat. TrinovoxScolopendra 3:22

9. Yoon/Boonka “Earborn”Ob die Engel auch Beine haben? 3:24

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