undefended (single)


is a love song about a relationship with love itself. It concerns the vulnerability and intensity that is inseparable from elevated ecstasy.  When does emotion dictate will and is it possible – or justified – that will direct emotion. Whichever it is, the resulting feeling comes and vanishes like a beautiful ghost. I chose my musical mistress Shishani to be the voice of that ghost, the image of love in this song, and indeed she has sung the song with me onstage many times.

About the Video
Jana Eleanor Brückner
, after seeing a live performance of Undefended, was so touched by the song that she proposed to make a video of it right then and there. She mentioned shooting in the desert, and  practically forced the idea on me after the show :) Two years, and a number of meetings later (in which my shadow-mind and her rainbow-mind found pastel-coloured common ground), it was realized in a fraction of one fragile moment. Fairy-circles became birthplaces of memories of love. For the video, the song was re-recorded to better reflect its live version – for which i chose simplicity; A piano and the two voices, and that’s pretty much it. I was introduced to cinematographers Liberty and Laurent from Endemic Productions, who turned out an unimagined match to the project. Quite like Shishani’s voice fuses with my own in the song;  their visuals fuse with the whole and reveal yet another dimension of its feeling. All in all I thought of it as an additional kind of visual tone, undressing an already naked song. So the five of us spent three intimate days in the Namib desert to produce something that gradually shaped itself into an unexpected expression – the feeling of which eventually won over any intellectual doubts. Clearly, the desert’s primal energies added their influence successfully. What a beautiful team we were! When we left, i felt like someone i love totally dropped me in a ditch.

The song is about the survival of integrity in a society increasingly pressured by commercial culture, mainstream tradition, and make-believe thoughtless collective influence. Adamantine refers to “unbreakable opinion”, more specifically (in the context of the song) to the importance of individuality and its stand against conformity – one of the most abused factors in any group or society, and possibly the most fragile of human characteristics. Only the free individual find creativity and originality.

The song plays an intimate role in what inspired the Tones of Red album cover illustration – the dance of the scavengers, a dance around the food chain. Based on wildlife photography, Jackal and vulture are fighting as master-less members over the fallen remnants of the system, feeding off the metaphorical left-overs of those that were free, and so had to die. Once digested, they re-appear as a fertilized chance of a new, more powerful form of freedom in individualism, ready to stand against the artificial enforcement of oppressive opinion, over and over again. The dance of the scavengers symbolizes the need to believe in yourself first, before you believe anything else.

Bisous Bisous
This is a song about the excitement of falling in love. Expressed as plainly and joyfully as it is. No better voice to accompany mine than that of beautiful artist Juliette Rousseau.

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