Jaro playlist and artists on Spotify

A number of new recordings will only be released digitally.

We will bundle all these activities and here you
find the latest digital releases of JARO

All is Piano

Music from all genres – neo classical and others

Featuring Igor Levit, Johannes Cernota,Glenn Gould, Yann Thiersen, Hania Rani

Atmospheric music

Atmospheric music, which could be film music

Featuring Vikingur Olafsson, Brambles, Johann Johannsson, Dererico Albanese

Tango Nuevo

Featuring Astor Piazzolla, Luis Di Matteo, Dino Saluzzi and Gotan Project


Blues and its side genres and classic songs

Featuring Hazmat Modine, Jimi Hendrix, Beth Hart, The Doors, Blind Mississippi Morris


Great songs from medieval times till now

Featuring Hildur Gudnadottir, Bulgarian Voices, Huun-Huur-Tu, Sarband


Mostly acoustic music from different regions of the world


JARO produces since more than 39 years records and Cds. You find here from 105 albums track, one from each.

Tom Waits

The music of Tom Waits – Vicki Kristina Barcelona a new fantastic female group from New York


Women make great, great music

Featuring Adele, Rachelle Garniez, Nina Simone, Lana Del Ray, Aquabella

Vocals, Stimmen, Voix – Human Voices

The excitement of human voice. Discover natural sounds by male and female singers.

Featuring. The Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Billie Eilish, Sarband, Trinovox

Surprise Playlist – Stay connected

Music from around the globe a wild mixture for you.

World Music

Music with their roots deep in the history and with ethnical background.

Piano and songwriter

Foucs on singer/songwriter and piano music, curated by JARO Medien

Featuring Asaf Avidan, Ane Brun, Agnes Obel, Tom Waits, Rachelle Garniez, Fink

Cello Sounds

Cello the instrument with the warm sound not in the focus as the violin.

Featuring Fabian Boreck, 2Cellos, Balanescu Quartet, Ashia Grzesik

Jazz & Jazz Avantgarde

Groove and emotions influenced by all kind of Jazz. Far from mainstream!

Christmas songs

I will not present the US christmas songs from Pop/Rock stars.