David Lisboa

David Lisboa – Bio

Dreaming, Whistling and creating melodies have been my natural way to express my feelings and thoughts. Sharing a positive message through lyrics & melodies is my goal in music. I´m David, born in 17 December of 1990 and I live in Lisbon, a city with a special light, a place of inspiration where you can also listen to the portuguese guitar. A voice, whistles and guitars…in such great connection! . Music has been a strong way to communicate with others and fortunately present in my professional work. When doing cultural events in schools with young people and children I usually use some of my original songs to reinforce the message in different subjects regarding nature protection and human values. I also work in an art store association where sometimes I have opportunity to play my songs with visitors inviting them to play music and enjoy good moments together. I had the chance to sing and whistle in several musical concerts with other projects as well. In my first cd “Tempo Para Sonhar” which means “Time to dream” I have the collaboration of Hugo Edgar that enriched this project with musical arrangements and the feeling of the portuguese guitar. I´m glad to share good vibrations, messages, stories and reflections about life, hope and dreams! 

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