Dona Rosa is not one of the fado stars that are discovered every year, but her music touches the soul of the people. Her new concert program takes us into the lives of DONA Rosa. DONA ROSA and her music remain in our hearts as the morbid charm of Lisbon. What she sings has been heard by millions of tourists in the “Rua Augusta” in Lisbon during a decade.

She will come on concert tour in November 2016 and in February 2017 with following line up: Dona Rosa – Vocals Raul Abreu – guitar,Ines Vaz – Akkordeon.

She will present the concert as follows:
A 40-minute first set, as a blind musician this personally presents the concert in the dark. The black around us sharpens our senses. Part 2: Music from Lisbon: Music of Lisbon about her city, daily life, the streets and atmosphere, a wonderful soundtrack to the images of Lisbon. The music of her and her ensemble will be accompanied by images of Lisbon, projected on a screen behind the stage. The images are part of the fotobook „Lisboa“, which will be available in the concerts as well as her CDs.

Here you find a customers review of the „Lisboa book“
First of all, of course I do not go openminded to review this book and the enclosed CD , since we are all great Lisbon fans and no year goes by without us at least once being in the city, and if it’s just for a few hours on the way back from Brazil.
My idea was, when I held the book in my hands, sit down, insert the CD and to scroll through the book. It is not a common tourist image fotobook, no, this shows lovingly small aspects of Lisbon have been perpetuated by the camera. These explanatory texts in German and English, as well as texts of the great Portuguese poet and writer Fernando Pesso will give you a feeling what Lisbon is about.
So, while I now looked at the photos and the CD listened, I felt home to Lisbon. A galão or a bica and a pastel de nata and the illusion is perfect. Perfect in any case, this book with the CD.

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