Jasper van´t Hof – piano, keyboards

Stefan Lievestro – double bass, slide guitar

Jamie Peet – drums, percussion


50 years stage anniversary, the 70th birthday is also over. What else can a musician do?
or better still, what can we expect as an audience?

There are artists who used up all their creative ideas with their first CD and then reproduce themselves again and again. And those who live the music. One of them is the Dutch pianist Jasper van´t Hof. Full of energy, constantly with new projects. 

He received the Boy Edgar Award on 6 December 2018 for his life’s work in Amserdam.
Before the award ceremony, Van ‘t Hof played a new acoustic arrangement – for four horns and piano – of one of his earlier works and then appeared on the BIM HUIS stage with his recently formed group BE Trio. Van ‘t Hof took his audience on a journey into the heart of his music. The Dutch press wrote:
“What he does with the young members of his trio sounds as fresh and exciting as his work with his larger ensembles; every aspect of his performance impresses with the embodiment and articulation of his unique style and musical universe” (Jazznu/ NL).
His version of the classical jazz trio shows once again that Van’t Hof is still full of inspiration and ambition. Jasper van’ t Hof, with his success story and unbridled enthusiasm, is the ideal mentor for the new generation, the new young Dutch drum star Jamie Peet and Stefan Lievestro on bass and slide guitar. This trio is no jazz piano trio in the classical sense, similar to the EST, jazz, pop and rock merge to form their own sound world. Van´t Hof plays grand piano, but uses keyboards and computers to create new, interesting sounds. In doing so, he opens the doors to another world for a new, young audience. Melody and rhythm play a big role in the music, the music is intense and all three musicians drive it forward with a power that makes you feel tied up. Nobody would expect this from a 70 year old musician. 
The new CD, which will be released for the tour, will contain only new compositions, except one old Pili Pili track called “The Headpeeper”