Angst legg di slapen


About the album:

Helmut Debus has been writing songs for almost fifty years. “Angst legg di slapen” is his twenty-first studio album. Debus writes and sings his lyrics exclusively in his native language Low German.On the album Debus presents eight timeless songs and yet influenced by the current time, as hardly any other album before. What a journey. Angst legg di slapen – a crown on his work. Helmut Debus says about it: “This is without exaggeration my best album so far – maybe even the record of my life.

Together with Peter “Jem” Seifert, who recorded, mixed and co-produced the album, producer Martin Gallop is largely responsible for Helmut Debus’ impressive new sound. He did all the arrangements and also played acoustic guitar and keyboards. Gallop has worked for Stephan Eicher, Udo Lindenberg, Anett Louisan, Milow and Robin Schulz, among others. A fresh new sound, warm, raw sounds. Debu’s expressive voice, at the forefront of the sound picture, has never been so full of devotion and passion, so intense and self-confident. Melancholy moved into the sunlight, depth, defiance and lust for life. Angst legg di slapen exudes something intense, the great feeling of peace.

Artist: Helmut Debus
Title: Angst legg di slapen
Label: Fuego
Label no.: Fuego 3396-2
EAN: 4006180339622
Release date: 04.11.2022

Categories: SKU: Fuego 3396-2

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