between a rock and a hard place

between a rock and a hard place is Payuta´s Worlbeat-Rock-Album

It has always been Payuta´s ambition to evolve his very own technology with the sitar to give it a new place of value in western popular music. This time it is often ”mercilessly” electrified with a lot of electric guitars around, in which the sounds of the sitars and guitars are often interwoven and indistinguishable. Together they form a pretty new sound. For the first time there are some ”sitar~free’ tracks here. Among other instruments Payuta also did a lot of guitar~playing together with and some other awesome guitarists from El Salvador and Germany. Also after many years of pure instrumental music, he could not resist using his voice again. So ”between a rock and a hard place” spans the widest musical range so far in Harry Payuta´s collection of 10 albums.

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