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This bass-player studied classical piano and violin at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. In 1970 he joined Wigwam, a Finnish group around the English singer and pianist Jim Pembroke. In 1972 he left the group to start a solo-career. By then he has already recorded his first solo-album ‘Pihkasilmä Kaarnakorva’. After leaving Wigwam he does a lot of studiowork. In 1974 he records his second album, which is also released in England by Virgin with the title ‘B the Magpie’. Together with Mike and Sally Oldfield he recorded ‘Mathematicians Air Display’, which is also released in England. On this record he is also joined by Pierre Moerlen.

In 1977 he forms ‘The Group’ and in 1979 he tours with Mike Oldfield, who is an admirer of this bass-player. They record these concerts on Exposed. In January and February of the same year he records ‘Visitation’, a real masterpiece on which he shows his talents as a bass-player and composer. Among the musicians that have admired Pekka’s talent is the late Frank Zappa.

In 1980 The Group changes its name in Pekka Pohjola Group, but along the way the word ‘Group’ is dropped, so the band plays on as Pekka Pohjola. In 1982 Pekka starts his own label, which is operated by Rockadillo. The group works on music for various television films and one of them forms the basics for ‘Jokamies’. This record is followed by the beautifull ‘Space Walz’ on which the group consist in: Pekka Pohjola: bass, keyboards; Seppo Tyni: guitars; Keimo Hirvonen: drums; Jussi Liski: keyboards; and Timo Vesajoki: keyboards. Strangely enough this doesn’t lead to a overloaded, bombastic sound.

In the late eighties Pekka Pohjola gets disillusioned with the rock scene and he composes his first symphony, which was premiered live in 1989 and was released on CD in 1990 (Sinfonia no 1 (Flamingo Music FGCD 4041).

After this he spends two years working on ‘Changing Waters’, which is released in November 1992. The band features: Seppo Kantonen (keyboards), Markku Kanerva (guitar) and Anssi Nykänen (drums) and this becomes his regular group. In 1993, they play for the first time in the United States, in Austin and New York. In November 1994, they play three times in Tokyo and these performances are recorded for a Live in Japan CD, which is released by Marquee / Belle Antique in May 1995. In November 1995 the double-CD ‘Heavy Jazz – Live in Helsinki and Tokyo is released in Finland.

Late September 1997 ‘Pewit’ Pekka Pohjola’s new studio-album is finally released. The musicians are the same as on ‘Changing Waters’. With this musicians Pekka is still performing and recording. The play a dozen gigs a year in Finland and once in the three years they play in Japan.