Oglinda (The mirror)

Yet it is not improvisation as can we know it in jazz music, which is involved here. The criteria that rule over traditional Moldavian music – and more generally, the music of the Balkans – are much too fundamental to be questioned. It would therefore be more appropriate to talk of a spiritual re-appropriation, as if the interpreter´s soul enlightened the ancestral oeuvre despite himself. It is indeed a classical attitude: that of liberty expressing itself within a strict framework

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TRIGON released their first CD “Wedding in Jazz” in France (SILEX) and immediately received the French music award “Grand Prix du Disc”. Their highly acclaimed concert debut in Germany took place in April 1998 at the “Hamburg Jazz Festival” in the cities famous cultural center ‘Farbik’. Since then they have performed frequently in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Russia.

The Album Oglinda

The three of us- Anatol, Sergei and Oleg- are born in Moldavia, a small agricultual country where you have the best oppurtunities to become a good wine-maker or a good musician.
When we have grown in age and in professionalism we understood that we must perform only music we like and sing only about things we love-about nature, about our country folk, about love and about ourselves in this world. We wanted our music to reflect our lives, that’s why we called our CD Oglinda – the mirror.

The trio TRIGON, promoted and produced by Mikhail Alperin, amazed the audience with music that was witty, effective and precisely arranged in every detail, played solely on percussion instruments, electric bass and viola. When Oleg Baltaga’s wooden xylophone mallets joined a race with the bow of the violist Anatoly Stefanet, and Serguei Testimatsanu’s tri-tonal, ostinato bass conjured up whimsical dangers to accompany them, it was like being transported into the scenery of old children’s films.” (Die Welt – Kultur, Hamburg)

It was just great! If you want to speak about the music they played, you have to be as good as them as unusual as they were. And I think it is useless to try to match them in originality – it would be rather difficult. It would be rather difficult. it would be better to make the effort to try to understand and to evaluate the astonishing depth of what they are doing. I think that those who got impressed exicted just by the charm of their arrangements, are profoundly wrong, they are wonderful profound, real musicians, performing real profound music. Their style is a very dagerous one. Lots of groups are hiding under a fake originality sheer non professionalism. It is not their case,e very one of them is a brilliant professional, a viruoso. Beside this, they offered us warm, astonishing and vivid world in which we felt extremely good.” (Anatol Kroll, maestro of Russian jazz Moscow)

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Anatol Stefanet finished a musical school and conservatoire in Moldova. For many years he toured the world with the famous folk group from Kichinev called “Laeutari” where he discovered the bratsch (viola). In a taraf (traditional orchestra) the bratsch has a specific role, both rhythmic and harmonic, because she stresses the weak beat. Fascinated by the warm sound of the bratsch, very close th the human voice, Anatol Stefanet decided to take the instrument out of the rhythmic and harmonic section where it was confined and present it totally as a solo instrument – an unprecedented experience. Anatoly owes his skill in no small measure to rural weddings, because it is impossible to acquire the style of authentic tradition at any conservatoire.

Oleg Baltaga, the drummer, started his music career as a traditional jazzman and rock musician. He worked with quite a few pop groups in Moldova and also taught at the conservatory. Like Anatoly, Oleg spent many a sleepless night playing at rural weddings.

Sergei Testimatsanu, the arranger and bass guitarist, is a keen musician by nature; he has an intimate feeling of the musical texture. Once he was in love with Pastorius and ‘Weather Report’ and, just as his fellow-musicians, took part in many fusion music projects in Moldova.

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