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VKB Band

is Rachelle Garniez, Amanda Homi and Mamie Minch, a superpower trio of seasoned musicians and songwriters dedicated to redefining the songs of Tom Waits via gorgeous vocal harmonies and a treasure trove of instruments including various squeezeboxes, an array of exotic percussion and a couple of groovy vintage guitars.  Together they create a world of sound at once powerful, playful and poignant.  

Vinyl – Yesterday is here

VKB interprets the Tom Waits songbook with love, bringing a uniquely feminine perspective to the rough and rugged wreckage.
The mythic picaresque male archetypes – beat poets, railroad hobos, sloppy drunks, hard-boiled cynics and hopeless romantics, the starring roles in Waits’ story-songs – are transformed, their beauty and vulnerability revealed. Melodies burst forth and shine like polished gems.

Picture the Triplets of Belleville disguised as Depression Era hobos riding the rails across America stopping to play dance parties and funerals along the road to nowhere.

Their second album, “Yesterday Is Here” recorded in NYC, is a continuation in the ongoing saga of the group’s dynamic relationship to the songs of Waits. The past two years of performing for audiences on stages throughout Europe and the US, navigating the constraints of the pandemic age, have instilled in them an extra edge of appreciation for the stripped-down beauty and power of their sound and an immediately touching quality to their music, which comes through in the warmth and intimacy of the recording.

“Defying convention at every turn works in favor of VKB….the results here are glorious.”  – Rock ‘n’ Roll Truth
“The music-noir trio tames the beast with beauty”  – Jeff Spevak

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